Tail Set

For cats who survive on their own hunting ability, the tail is a very important feature - especially for cats who primarily live in trees as they are jumping, climbing, and sometimes free falling in order to get where they…Read more

Bengal Nose Set

The Bengal Standard doesn't say anything about where the nose should be set, but a study of small forest dwelling wildcats leads to only one answer -   the nose should set low in between the whisker pads - not above…Read more

Bengal Nose Size

Above is a collage of a variety of small forest dwelling wildcats that live and hunt at night in the trees of jungles and forests.  What dominant feature of the face stands out on all of them?  That big, huge…Read more

The Bengal Nose Shape

As a Bengal breeder when I am trying to understand a feature on my Bengals, I look to the small forest dwelling wildcats as a futuristic, or extreme, model of what to strive for.  It isn't likely that the Bengal…Read more