updated August 2023

Kitten Pricing

  • Our kitten price is $2500
  • For previous customers, we take $200 off of subsequent kitten(s)
  • If you purchase two kittens at once, you get $200 off of each kitten

The $500 Waitlist fee goes towards the purchase price of a kitten. The Waitlist payment is a down payment toward the cost of your kitten. To keep the list accurate, the Waitlist payment serves as your pledge to purchase a kitten; it is not refundable. The highest number of kittens go home in the months of June and November. 


  • We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. 
  • We reserve the right to provide a replacement kitten ahead of those on the Waitlist.

NOTE: If you want a brown spotted/rosetted kitten, we have some available. You do not need to join the Waitlist unless you have a specific timeframe or want a different color or personality from the kittens who are available.  


Initials Payment Received Status Gender Other Preference or Note
WP 2/25/22 AW M Brown Charcoal - will pass on everything that is not brown charcoal
RD 1/6/23 AW M Able to move to Australia, wild looking
ST 3/5/23 AW M Mink (Snow) Male, trainable, friendly, can live with two females
CA 3/22/23 AW M Sepia (Snow) cuddly, snuggly Not ready until  November 2023
CA 3/22/23 AW M Brown, Not ready until November 2023
SB 4/27/23 AW M Gentle for a 5-year-old, willing to travel, snow
SM 6/20/23 AW M Can get along with five cats
MW 8/26/23 AW M Snow Male adventurous harness trainable cat to join female Bengal

What is the expected wait time? The fewer restrictions you have on what you want, the faster you will bring home a kitten. We could send you home with a kitten as soon as a few months. This would likely be a brown spotted/rosetted male kitten, as that is what we offer most frequently. If you want a snow, the wait could be a year or longer due to the number of people waiting for snows and the inconsistency in when we get snow kittens. The estimate is harder to determine if you want a marble Bengal because we get fewer of them.

Note: Gender must be decided before joining our list because the speed at which we offer females is slower than the speed at which we offer males. Even if a note says the person is flexible on gender, they will not be offered the other gender unless all people waiting on that gender have passed. 

Six-Months Notice - Life happens. We privately maintain a list of people who, for unforeseen circumstances, are not ready to pick a kitten, but they routinely respond to our communication. These people will give us six-months-notice of when they plan to be prepared for a kitten. At that time, we will put them back on the list based on their original down payment date; however, they will have a note that they are not ready for a kitten for six months passed the date they go back on the list. This allows those who have recently joined the list an opportunity to be offered kittens before the newly rejoined member. As long as communication is maintained, these people retain the price they locked in when they went on our Waitlist.
Ceased Communication 
If someone does not respond to three consecutive communication attempts, we place them on a Ceased Communication list. When communication resumes, we will put these people at the bottom of our list. The kitten's price will be adjusted to the current price when they restart communication and return to the list.