Five-Year Health Guarantee from Quality Bengal Kittens

We're thrilled to announce an important update that adds even more value and assurance when you choose one of our Bengal kittens. At Quality Bengal Kittens, we're not just committed to providing beautiful and healthy kittens; we're dedicated to ensuring their well-being long after they've found their forever homes.

We've Extended Our Health Guarantee to Five Years!

We invest so much into the health of our kittens. We have twenty years of heart testing behind our cats. We have tested more of our breeding cats to older ages than any other breeder. When your kitten has SolanaRanch or Wildernesswell parents, it often has two to three generations of heart-tested cats behind it. Many of these ancestors have been tested beyond the age of five, with several reaching the critical milestone of eight years.

In addition, we feed our cats, including our kittens, a raw diet. This approach ensures they receive bio-available nutrients directly from their food, without the need for synthetic additives often found in processed feeds.  When people adopt our retired, adult breeding cats, they are amazed at their health and energy level. We credit our cats' long-term health to the all-natural diet.  

Additionally, we maintain a toxin-free environment in and around our home to protect our cats from potential carcinogens. We abstain from using pesticides and poisons, both indoors and outdoors. Living in a residential forested area, we are surrounded by more trees than cell towers, minimizing their exposure to harmful agents and promoting a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

Understanding the importance of long-term health for your new family member, we have decided to increase our health guarantee from three years to five years. This enhanced guarantee reflects our confidence in our breeding program and our ongoing commitment to the health and happiness of our kittens.

Why the Extended Guarantee?

Peace of Mind: Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your Bengal kitten is covered for a wide range of genetic health issues for up to five years.

Commitment to Quality: Our extended guarantee underscores our commitment to the highest breeding standards and health practices.

Support and Guidance: Gain ongoing support and guidance as you raise your Bengal kitten, knowing that we are here to help every step of the way.

Secure Your Future Kitten with Confidence
Choosing  Quality Bengal Kittens means more than just welcoming a new pet—it's about adding a healthy, joyful companion to your family. With our extended five-year health guarantee, you can feel even more confident in choosing one of our kittens.

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