Treats and Canned Food

For your everyday diet, we feel all cats should be fed raw or whole prey diets.  For more information on this, please read Raw Feeding Your Quality Bengal Kitten.  However, it is good to have some sort of nonperishable food that your cat likes for times of travel or emergency or, possibly, as a way to offer a different protein source from what you are feeding raw. In addition, you will want to find treats that your cat likes, so you can use them for training and hunting.  Below are our recommendations.  

Canned Foods and Supplement

Wysong Canned food MUST be fed with the Call of the Wild supplement.  Look at the ingredients list.  It is the most limited ingredient of all the foods on here - which is GOOD. The fewer the ingredients, the better the food. But the canned food alone without the supplement is not a complete diet.  Offering this canned food every once in a while is one way to offer proteins that are hard to source raw.

Ziwi Peak canned food is on our recommended list of canned food lists is due to the number of different organs that are listed on the ingredients lists.  Making sure these organs are in the diet is like offering an immune system boost to the diet.  Getting the needed nutrients from organs is awesome.  However, we wish Chickpeas were not on the ingredients list. Chickpeas offer no nutritional value to the cat; it is a filler.