Sales of Breeding cats

If you have found your way here, you are interested in purchasing a Bengal kitten with breeding rights.  This is not a decision we make lightly, nor is it a decision that you should either.  With over twenty years of experience in breeding Bengals, we find the sale of breeding cats to be the least rewarding, most burdensome aspect of breeding.  We have considered not selling breeding cats anymore, but we do not believe that is the right thing for the breed.  All breeders should be working to improve the breed - as we have been doing.  But the breed can only improve if breeders share their work.  No one breeder can do this alone.

This is what makes selling to breeders difficult. First, many people do not listen or follow the advice when given, which causes frustration and the continuation of problems that could have been solved.  Furthermore, people are all different; no two people are the same.  What is right to one person is wrong to another - and the reality is that both are right based on their perspective and experience.

Let's take non-genetic issues such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that cats can get.  On one end of the spectrum, you have the philosophy of total sanitation and treatment of any and every ailment.  There are catteries where no cats live together. Before each entrance to a cattery, there is a sanitary wash that you must go through before entering to make sure no germs enter the cat's living environment.  Any bacteria or protozoa the cat tests positive will be tackled with antibiotics regardless of whether the cat is symptomatic of a problem or not.  On the other end of the spectrum, you may have a cattery on the natural ground with multiple cats living together in harmony.  The breeder may choose not to treat asymptomatic bacteria or protozoa and allow the cat's body to heal itself naturally.  Which one of these philosophies is right?  The answer - both are.  But would these two breeders ever see eye to eye on issues?  No.  They operate on two different philosophies.

Two unfortunate criteria could make you someone we will not sell to — one, the absence of a mentor.  Sadly, we cannot take on new mentees and devote the time to them that a mentee needs and deserves.  However, we do not believe that anyone should start this endeavor without support.  Thus, we will not sell to new breeders who do not have a mentor. Two - due to the Retail Pet Law, which prohibits the site-unseen shipping of any pet if the breeder has more than four breeding animals on the property, we will not sell to breeders within 300 miles of Sacramento, CA. Those breeders who buy from us may not sell kittens back into any place within 300 miles of Sacramento.  This is our pet market.  We love selling pets, so we do not want cats of our lineage coming back into our area.  

We have found two major problems when selling breeding cats - fertility and the sale of breeding progeny.  This is how we are dealing with those problems. 

We will sell a cat that we deem to be of breeding quality for our pet price. It comes with NO fertility guarantee.  We will remain on the registration papers.  Once the cat produces a litter of kittens, then a breeding fee ($1500 to $3000) will be applied. We will backdate the registration prior to the conception date, so the litter is in your name. This means that you absorb the risk of pet price to determine if the cat is fertile or not.  Why do we do this? Because the owner affects the cat's chances to prove.  With females, the owner chooses how many heats the female goes through before being bred.  With males, the owner controls how many females he gets exposed to before being deemed infertile. Because these choices are in the hands of the owner, the owner needs to accept some of the risk of infertility. Our SBTs are largely in the range of 4th - 7th generation cats.  Buying a male from us is a higher risk of infertility than the average cattery. 

The other problem we have come across is selling to programs that don't have a history of selling a lot of breeding cats, but that changes, and many kittens begin to be sold with breeding rights. This spreads our genetics all over the world. We are starting to feel that in another five years, we will struggle to find a cat that doesn't have our cats in the 5 generation pedigree because others have put our lineage out in the breeding world. We work hard to maintain a genetically diverse lineage. If our lines are spread everywhere, it will become difficult to avoid them, which is distressing to us. Therefore, we will cap the number of breeding offspring you may place and we will ask to be informed as to where those breeding offspring are going. 

Finally, shipping has become a headache. If you wish to purchase from us, you must make the shipping arrangements. For international breeders, it is cheaper to pick up in person from San Francisco. We will do all the necessary paperwork to export legally, but you will need to pay for it. For US breeders, you must arrange shipping from Sacramento. In summer months, cargo is unlikely to be possible due to the heat.  We would prefer you pick up in person, but we will consider other options as long as you are making the arrangements. We will not ship to Australia or other countries that would require us to keep the cat for several months. 

If you read to the bottom of this page, and you are comfortable moving forward based on our terms, please complete the application below. Please answer the questions honestly and thoroughly. We are direct in our communication and we appreciate directness in return. 

Breeding Cat Application Form

We consider it such a compliment when breeders are interested in using our cats in their programs.  It is really important to us that our breeding cats end up in the right programs that will utilize their strengths and use them to move the breed forward.  We do have a handful of questions that we would like you to answer, so we can get to know you better.  Please take your time in providing thoughtful answers.