These are products we use in our home to create verticle space.  

When buying a cat tree, look for ones made from natural wood. Many cat trees available online are made of stiff cardboard. Bengal cats will destroy that in no time. The trees on this page are made of wood. 

Bengal cats like to have a solid surface underneath them. They do not like the cat shelving that is made of fabric. We love the quality and ease of assembly of Catastrophic Creations, but we do not like their canvas products. Our cats prefer shelving made of wood. 

When it comes to Window Perches, cardboard is excellent. Our cats LOVE the K&H cardboard window sill. Yes, they scratch on it. This gives them an appropriate place to scratch at a boundary of their territory - a window. This is ideal for a cat. You will need to replace the cardboard inserts, and they do create a mess beneath them, but the benefit it offers the cat offsets the negatives. 

Tall Cat Trees

Cat Shelving

Window Perch