Should You Choose a Male or Female Bengal Kitten?

When creating our Waitlist, the one decision we ask people to make before joining the list is gender.  For one, it is a decision many people have made before looking for a kitten, but more importantly, it helps us gauge the wait time of the list.  Our Male Waitlist moves faster because we offer more male kittens for sale.  Because we are breeding to improve the breed, we hold back our own kittens for future breeding.  We hold back more female kittens than male kittens.  This is the reason the Female Waitlist moves more slowly, even when it is shorter. 

It is important to remember that individuals break all stereotypes.  While we can generalize the two genders, there are plenty of cats of both genders that break the gender mold. Please communicate your personality wishes in your application and when you are selecting your kitten. 

Gender Differences by Instinct

Bengals are instinctive cats. Instincts are genetic; they are passed down from one generation to the next.  Instincts can be enhanced or dulled through training, but they cannot be removed. It is important to understand natural instinctive cat behaviors and how they display in a domestic cat. 

When living in the wild, female cats are designed by nature to raise babies. This gives them a higher instinctive awareness of their surroundings. Some may say they are smarter, but this is not intelligence; this is instinct.  A female cat is going to know every little thing that takes place in her home.  Because she is instinctively motherly, she is instinctively nurturing. 

When living in the wild, male cats are designed to make as many babies as possible. To do this, they have to roam from territory to territory.  This means they will encounter many other cats who are not welcoming.  Male cats instinctively use more body language signals to communicate to other cats that they mean no harm. 

How does this apply to picking the gender of a kitten?  If you are looking for a cat who will be extremely loyal and devoted but perhaps a bit more independent, you may want to pick a female. Females often bond deeply and love at a level you may not have experienced from an animal before.  But a female may have a higher tendency to pick a person and be that person's cat. 

If you are looking for a cat who will be less reactive to meeting new animals and is more likely to interact with the family indiscriminately, you may be better off with a male.  For people wanting to harness train, the male instincts lend themselves better to meeting strange animals while out on a walk. But this does not mean that females cannot be harness trained.  

Does the Gender of the Other Pets Matter?

The gender of any non-feline pet does not impact what gender of cat you should get. Bengals of both genders can make excellent dog companions.  You want to match the personality and energy level. We have some cats that seek out interaction with our dogs; this is instinctive as we see the trait passed down.  When completing your kitten application, let us know how important the dog-cat relationship is in your selection. You can read more detail about Bengal-dog relations in our article Do Bengals Get Along With Dogs?

The gender of any existing cats in your home does impact your choice.  In general, we do not recommend adding a female to a home with an adult female cat. You can add as many males as you want, but females are more instinctively territorial, as their instinct is to chase out any females that are not related. You can read more detail about gender relations in our article What two Bengal cats are best together - two girls, two boys, or one of each?

Regardless of the gender your choose, Bengal cats tend to be intelligent, high-energy, outgoing, confident, and friendly.  That does not change based on gender.  The most important factor in your decision to go on the Waitlist is being certain you are ready to meet the needs of an intelligent, high-energy cat. If you have specific personality wishes, it is important to note them in your application, and while you are picking your kitten so we can help match you with the kitten that is right for your family.

Are you thinking of getting a Bengal cat and want it to come with a lifetime of expert advice? Check out our available Bengal kittens.