Wildernesswell Khusleen
from RW TGC BeaxMondes Home of the Brave and Wildernesswell Khushee

A third-generation Safarii of AWildDream hybrid, Khusleen is a dream on fast forward.  With all the time Jon spent waiting to move the Juara line down, Khusleen was a well-appreciated gift. We are counting on Khusleen to produce our third fertile fourth generation male, so we can work with three fourth generation boys down from three unrelated Leopard cats.

Khusleen's Genetic Lineup: TaM/TaB, C/cb, PK Def N/N PRAb N/N which means Khushleen carries for marble and sepia but does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Khushleen tested HCM negative in 2022. 

StarwindsUK Kadou of Wildernesswell - Kadou 
From StarwindsUK Smokin Aces and Eraser Juaras Dream of StarwindUK
A second-generation cat down from Juara of Eraser, Kadou is one of a kind in the United States. Many cats were sold out of Juara, but few made it to SBT, and even fewer are still breeding today - Kadou being the only one we know of in the United States.  Juara is an important cat as he is completely unrelated to the popular line of Leopard cats used within the breed, which means Kadou is critical in expanding the gene pool.   

Kadou's Genetic Lineup: A2/A, TaM/TaB, Pk Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Kadou carries marble and an agouti gene whose source is not yet identified.   Kadou does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb.

Beauxmondes Heavens To Betsy - Betsy 

From Allaglow Kaleb Bug and Beauxmondes Gabriella

Betsy is a fifth-generation cat down from Icon of Stonehenge. She is a powerhouse of a girl with a long, deep, and athletic body. Betsy's horizontal arrowhead style of markings add to her striking appearance. Betsy's head is small compared to her body size, a desirable trait. Her ears are well set and can bring the ear size down from any male she breeds with. Her face is very sweet and expressive, but don't let that innocent look fool you, this girl is full-on mischief through and through.

Betsy's Genetic Lineup: TaM/TaB, C/cb, Pk Deficiency N/K, PRAb N/N which means Betsy carries marble, sepia, and PK Deficiency. Betsy does not carry for PRAb. Betsy tested HCM negative in 2020.

BengalIslandCat Gidget

From Bengalislandcat Obsidian Oasis and Allaglitter Star
Gidget, an SBT Bengal, is such an anomaly around here that I wasn't even quite sure where to place her on the website.  We don't typically bring in non-hybrid female cats as we typically prefer to keep our own, but Gidget is the exception.  Gidget has the genetics for - and displays - all of the coat patterns that we want on our cats.  Her mother has a strong expression of the countershading pattern, so those genetics are in there. Her father carries Apb and passed this along to her too. Gidget has ocelli, dark whisker follicles, a checkboard tail, spotted legs, and paw-printed rosettes.  But let's not forget the icing on the cake - her copper-colored eyes.  

Gidget's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, C/cs, Pk Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N, which means Gidget carries Apb and seal lynx. Gidget does not carry for PRAb or PK Deficiency.  Gidget tested HCM negative in 2023.  See Gidget's Wisdom Panel Test Results along with her 34% Genetic Diversity. 

Wildernesswell Avant Garde - Ava

from RW TGC BeauxMondes Home of the Brave and MajesticPride Myan Dream
Ava, a sixth generation Bengal down from Leopard cat Icon of Stonehenge, is a pawprinted, horizontal dream come true.  Her pattern is exquisite. The shape of her markings and their arrangement on the coat are what we'd hope for all our cats.  Ava is also an exceptional matriarch of the household.  She takes a friends-with-everyone approach to life and greets all new cats with happiness. Her maternal nature has her nursing all kittens that are hungry, including adults who fancy a quick sip!

Ava's Genetic Lineup: Abp/A, TaM/TaB, C/cs, PK Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means she has one Leopard cat agouti gene and carries for marble and seal lynx.  She does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb. Ava last tested HCM negative in 2022.