Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are an absolute must-have for every Bengal owner.  Your Bengal is a hunter machine, and your job is to mimic the hunt two to five times a day.  We have a few favorites which we've placed on this page.  The cats really love the Dragonfly Toy, and the Dragonfly toy lasts quite well.  The Dragonfly Toy is made by a guy in his home, so you won't always find the product in stock, but its definitely worth buying when available. 

Bengals love to jump and flip in the air, so the Da Bird or the Da Bee are both excellent for getting them jumping.  Da Bird has a string and Da Bee has a wire.  Check them out and see which you like best.  We included different attachments, so you don't have your cat hunting the same prey every single hunt.  Switch it up a little and add some variety into their life.  Finally, it is great to have a laser around to get the cats climbing your big, tall cat trees and using those climbing muscles along with their jumping muscles.