When we got married, we decided that each one of us would keep our own cattery name, but we would operate together under Quality Bengal Kittens.  Since kittens are registered based on the owner of the mother cat, each one of our litters will be registered based on whether the mother is Jon's cat or Robyn's cat.  

These are the girls of SolanaRanch.

International Winner Regional Winner SolanaRanch Double Take - Kiki Dee
from SolanaRanch Double Down and Beauxmondes Home of the Brave (Bravo)
Kiki Dee is the cat I never got from Una after years and years of trying. SolanaRanch Unalienable Right (Una) is one of the most beautiful cats I have bred, but she never produced her look, so I never kept anything from her and she was retired from my breeding program.  Then, Kiki Dee was born; she is practically Una's double with her show-stopping eyes and pawprinted rosettes. Kiki Dee took these traits into the TICA and LCWW showhalls.  She hit many accomplishments, becoming the TICA Mid Pacific Best Bengal Kitten along with Best Shorthair Kitten. There were more LCWW shows in our area during her young show career. With LCWW, she became the Best Junior in the United States and the Second Best Junior Worldwide, along with earning a Best in Show award. Kiki Dee loves people and will often be found in the arms of others while in the show hall. Since Kiki Dee enjoys showing, she will to the show hall as time allows. 

Kiki Dee's Genetic Lineup: Apb/A, TaM/TaM, C/cb, Pk Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Kiki Dee has one copy of Leopard cat agouti (informally known as charcoal).  She carries for sepia and is homozygous spotted. She does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb. Kiki Dee tested negative for HCM in 2023. See Kiki Dee's Wisdom Panel Test Results along with her 37% Genetic Diversity. 

SolanaRanch Jungle Jewel
from SolanaRanch Serenity and Jewelspride Skookum
A sixth-generation Bengal from Leopard cat Elias of Callista, Jewel looks like she belongs in the jungle but behaves like she belongs in your lap.  Sadly, Jewel came of age during COVID and never had the opportunity to show.  She would have loved it and the show hall would have loved her.  Jungle Jewel is covered in spots; they are on her legs, on her chest, on her white belly, on her golden body - and her spots are here to stay with the pigment density provided by Leopard cat agouti. Jewel's expressive, nocturnal eyes, large, puffed nose leather, and wide base to her ears give her the look of the tree-dwelling wildcat. 

Jewel's Genetic Lineup: C/cb, Pk Deficiency N/N, PRAb N/N which means Jewel carries for sepia. She does not carry for PK Deficiency or PRAb. Jewel tested negative for HCM in 2021. All four grandparents have tested HCM negative.  See Jewel's Wisdom Panel Test Results along with her 34% Genetic Diversity.

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion SolanaRanch Let the White Dove Sing - Singer
From Solana Ranch Let Freedom Ring x Kamisha Doodlebug
A fifth-generation SBT Bengal down from Leopard cat Taro of Bundas, Singer's sire refined all the features of her mother and put them in sepia. Singer's sire added more puff to the nose leather, rounded the ear tops, and opened the eyes. Inside of Freya resides the spirit of her grandmother Awagati Independence, and she blesses our lives with her embodiment of mischievous play.

Singer's Genetic Lineup: A2/A, cb/cb, PK-Def N/N, PRA N/N which means Singer is sepia, and she does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb. Singer carrier an Agouti gene (A2) whose source is not yet publicly identified.  Singer last tested HCM negative in 2022. 

SolanaRanch Innocent Rebellion - Bella
from BeauxMondes Innocent Bystander and Wildernesswell Jacobite Rebllion
Bella, a fourth-generation Bengal from Elias of Callista, is a special cat. We are so excited to have an Ibby daughter thorugh a differnte lineage to keep the line going.   Her large, expressive eyes and wide based ears keep the wild look we are going for, yet she has the preferred profile so many others want.  It is hard to keep the eyes and the profile on the same cat - we always default to eyes before profile - but when we can get them to come together, it's a keeper.

Bella's Genetic Lineup:  Coat genetic need testing.  PKDef N/N, PRAb N/N which means does not carry for either PK Deficiency or PRAb.  Bella last test HCM negative in 2022. Bella's mother last screened HCM negative at 8 years old and her sire at nearly 4 years old.